It’s for us to finally launch the HIT 1 MILLION website. We had this domain for many years but we never had the time to create this website and launch it. Today is the day! We dedicated some time to open this community of like minded people who are aiming to HIT 1 MILLION. I want to be honest and transparent with my readers and I too am aiming to HIT 1 MILLION. I know there are people out there who have already HIT 1 MILLION and well done to them. You’re the inspiration to many of our readers and we simply want to learn from you. We want to lean how you’ve achieve this feat, what the struggles and challenges were, and if you have any advice for those who are aiming to achieve the same success.

I recall that the reason why I initially bought this domain was because of a website called The Million Dollar Homepage The idea behind this website was to pay $1 for each pixel and you can use each pixel to create a clickable banner to promote a website. The catch is that there are only 1 million pixels available and if you do the maths, the total amount the website owner will be earning is $1 million. Yes!!  The owner hit the 1 million dollar. It was a great idea and over the years I’ve realised there are ordinary people with innovative ideas hitting the 1 million mark.

On YouTube, there are hundreds of ordinary people who managed to HIT 1 MILLION subscribers. I believe they achieved this because of these following qualities:

Persistence & Dedication – they constantly published videos and never gave up. Starting a YouTube channel was a bit easier in it’s early days and now it’s over saturated with too many videos and YouTubers but for those who were persistent and dedicated in publishing video content were the ones who have probably HIT 1 MILLION.

Unique – the video content needs to be unique. Just vlogging about your daily life doesn’t cut it any more. A great example of a YouTuber that I follow is Mike Boyd. He basically records himself learning a new skill. In one of his videos he even learnt how to do a muscle up which I found it quite inspirational (I obviously can’t do one). In his videos he shares his learning and with the above skills (persistence & dedication) how manages to learn the skill. If you haven’t heard of him you should check out his channel. When I subscribed to his channel, he didn’t reach 1 million subscribers and over time I saw how his channel grew and now has over 2 million subscribers. One day I hope to reach out to him and see how he managed to reach the HIT 1 MILLION club and if he has any advice for you guys

Video Quality – with fast Internet speeds and bandwidth, watching high quality videos is now the norm. If you look at those YouTubers who have over 1 million subscribers, all their video are of high quality (both in terms of video resolution and content quality). Some even have dedicated video editing teams to render and create the videos but if you’re a solo YouTuber you may not have the funds to hire such a team so in your case your video publishing frequency may be low

So for those of you who are also aiming to HIT 1 MILLION, make sure you follow our Social Media pages and register an account so you can join our HIT 1 MILLION club.

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