Lifetime Deal to YouTube Backstage for $297

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Lifetime Deal to YouTube Backstage for $297

YouTube Backstage is a course for those who want to learn and grow their YouTube channel. If you want to learn from someone (a millionaire) who has achieved a 7-figure YouTube channel then you’ve come to the right page. Let me introduce to you Patrick A.K.A TechLead who is an ex-Google/ex-Facebook and has a successful YouTube channel called TechLead. Check out his channel and subscribe and watch him as he reaches 1 million subscribers.

Patrick has just recently launched a new course called YouTube Backstage to help us mere YouTubers also achieve the same success. He will share with us the growth strategies and secrets he’s been using to achieve excellent results on your YouTube channel. The course is normally  $397 but for a limited time, it’s discounted to $297. Get it now before the deal ends.

Only Lifetime Deals Lifetime Deal to YouTube Backstage content

The course has over 50+ episodes (5+ hours worth of content) and includes the following topics:

– Welcome to YouTube Backstage
– How I got started on YouTube

– How much money can you make on YouTube?
– Is it too late to get started?
– The mindset for a successful YouTube career
– How much time will this take?
– How to choose a niche for success
– Finding your voice
– Coming up with popular video topic ideas
– Should you script your videos?
– Publishing a video for more views
– Why most YouTubers fail

Gear & Equipment
– Which audio microphone I recommend
– How to get perfect audio?
– Configuring audio gear
– How to get perfect image quality?
– How much to invest in gear?
– Does your backdrop matter?
– Photography crash course

Editing Videos
– How I edit my videos
– Sample editing workflow
– Getting started with Premiere Pro
– Tips for B-roll footage
– Should you hire an editor?

Growth Strategies
– Why genuinity is your secret weapon
– What genuinity is not
– The wild west of YouTube
– What is consistency and why it matters
– Why YouTube is not what you think it is
– Should you do collabs?
– How you make your content stronger
– What makes a video viral?
– Should you livestream?
– Should you upload daily?
– Strategizing on social media
– Analyzing analytics
– Dealing with haters
– How does the Algorithm work?
– YouTube channel optimizations
– Why subscribers aren’t important
– Scaling out your YouTube business
– Understanding copyright on YouTube
– Pivoting content

Business & Monetization
– Monetization streams of income
– Additional monetization strategies
– How to set up a small business
– How to work with sponsors
– What’s the deal with online courses?
– YouTube online marketing strategy
– Getting started with online courses
– Email marketing strategy
– Crash course in online courses

– Putting it all together
– Taking Action

(+ access to all future content…)


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